treatment natural1-CLEAN YOUR DAILY SKIN

Acne is often due to impurities accumulated on the skin


The scrubs help remove dead cells from the skin pores and release.


It is necessary to moisturize your skin every day to better protect against external aggressions.


Scented products too attack the skin due to the high rate of alcohol they contain and thus promote the development of acne.


Acne skin is often fat.

Thus, it is necessary to use products for oily skin


Green clay helps regulate the sebum in the skin.


Something simple and effective.

Mix a little honey with lemon seed that get crushed.

Apply the mixture on your acne and leave on overnight.


The tomato has a calming and under it is an excellent anti-inflammatory.

Just put a small slice of acne pimples and allowed to act 30 minutes.



Spices and fat are the main enemies of oily skin.

Indeed they promote the secretion of sebum.


For severe cases of acne, it is necessary to consult because it can be a real skin disease.


Find out about Natural Acne Remedies that can clear skin without using medication. Discover how to make a acne treatment that works quickly.

The best acne treatment


get-rid-of-chest-acne-227x300Be able to take care of your skin is an essential step to nourish your entire body. Our skin serves to protect our body from all kinds of viruses and bacteria. Skin with well maintained, it will be easier for the body to become immune to disease and various types of diseases.

With a clean and beautiful, you can help your body to live a healthier life and a more sophisticated system. The best acne treatment is always to observe a healthy diet. Most of the things we eat and the liquids we drink contain different minerals and substances which may work for or against the health of our skin.
Sebum, the oil produced in the skin cells of our body, is responsible for the formation of pimples on our skin. While it is always best to keep your skin away from becoming dry, too much oil can also cause acne break. Foods high in fat and cholesterol may increase the supply of the body of sebum, thus encouraging the production of the main cause of acne. There are specific food groups that you can eat that will make your body healthier and resist the appearance of pimples on your skin.

Fruits and vegetables are always the most recommended food groups that you usually have to use to keep skin luminous. If you are very particular with the flavor of your food, you can also check the internet for some useful recipes. There are recipes that can help to provide you with fresh ingredients that will not necessarily contain oily substances. You can still enjoy your favorite foods, but at the same time be cautious of the content of the ingredients included in your recipe. Refrain from drinking liquids that are high in sugar or milk because it may also contain specific fatty products that can cause the growth of pimples on your skin. Drinking plenty of water helps to cleanse your body of harmful toxins that also invite the presence of buttons.

If you have a dermatologist resident, it is always best to timely pay a visit to have your skin checked. If you experience severe acne, you may need to take certain medications.

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How to Prevent Acne Scar

acne7-preview-7415012Most of us in our teens were unfortunate enough to have acne problems. Workshops ugly, other brands and even scars are there to remind us of the endless battle against acne. If you find one of the affected, what you can get rid of acne scars read about the different types of acne treatments and products repair acne scar available.

Effective treatments for acne scars

Fortunately for us, acne and acne scar products carries enormous progress and new products or procedures appear on the market on a regular basis. Discover the following treatments to see which may be of interest.

Acne cream for the prevention of scar

The absolute best way to prevent scarring is to use a product that will control your acne breakouts before your skin is marked. If you remove acne, you remove the chance for these lesions because scarring. Scars are very difficult to treat, and you may already know that the treatment is long and tedious Prevention is the best way to prevent acne scars in the first place.

Acne scar removal cream

Creams acne scar removal that contain tretinoin or alpha hydroxy acids are known to improve and reduce the appearance of scars and hyper pigmentation. Creams containing micro-crystals for a gentle exfoliating effect are good to stimulate the production of collagen in your skin.

Natural products for scars

Acne scar creams containing secretion of Helix aspersa Muller (garden snail) is one of the best ingredients to look for when you are thinking about purchasing natural acne scar removal products. This powerful ingredient that motivates the enzymatic dissolution and replacement of ruined skin cells, get rid of scars and damaged tissue. In addition, this component is natural and therefore suitable for all skin types, avoiding the side effects of any kind.

Chemical Peeling

Chemical peels can help, but they are not the best way to treat scars. They are however a lot of post-inflammatory pigmentation caused by acne. It is always recommended to contact your dermatologist trustworthy before making a decision to give your skin a chemical peel. As we know, they are known to cause side effects that can leave your skin worse.


Microdermabrasion is a procedure that uses fine crystals to exfoliate the top layer of your skin very in a series of sessions. This treatment is effective and can remove scars and coloring.

Dermabrasion treatment

Dermabrasion get rid of a thick layer of skin microdermabrasion. This procedure is used to remove deep scars, cystic lesions such as acne. This procedure is often considered the best treatment for scar removal for those with deep scars.

Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is a procedure in which the cells of the skin are damaged and scarred removed with a laser. This jump-starts the production of new skin cells and collagen in the subcutaneous layers is stimulated.

If your acne scars are bored or affecting you in any way, it is advisable to try any type of treatment for acne scar removal. If you hesitate to try more invasive treatments, try creams. They can give you the same result as the more aggressive procedures, but treatment may take a little longer. Anyway, this decision can be life changing, how looking good can be a bad thing?

Acne: The main types

The main types of acneAlthough all the buttons start the same way, they can take many forms and react differently to different people. It starts with a basic acne. The enlargement of the hair follicle associated with excess sebum and bacteria. Invisible to the naked eye, acne lies beneath the surface of your skin while waiting for the conditions to be met to become inflamed.

It is best to consult a dermatologist if your acne persists. These definitions can be used to help you decide whether you should consider seeking medical care.

– Non-inflammatory acne

If the follicle remains beneath the surface of the skin, the lesion is closed. The buttons appear on the skin then usually as small, whitish bumps.
If it develops and grows across the surface of the skin, it is called a blackhead. The dark appearance is not due to dirt, but rather an accumulation of melanin, the dark pigment of the skin.

– Inflammatory acne

The mildest form of inflammatory acne is the papule, which appears on the skin as a small firm lump rose. These can be sensitive to touch, and are often considered an intermediary step between non-inflammatory and inflammatory lesions.

– The pustules.

Like papules, pustules are small round lesions, unlike papules, they are clearly visible and may contain pus. They are red at the base with a yellowish or whitish center. E pustules contain many bacteria, inflammation is usually caused by chemical irritation from sebum such as free fatty acids.

– Acne conglobata.

This rare but serious form of inflammatory acne develops primarily on the back, buttocks and chest. In addition to the presence of pustules and nodules, there may be severe bacterial infections.
If you are looking for a more permanent solution to your acne and blackheads please read my free report: How to remove blackheads

ACNE TREATMENT: Solution and cure acne

Selenium can be a welcome nutritional supplement in your diet to fight acne effectively. This article will give you some more useful information on selenium and properties he has to fight against acne, know for example that boosts your immune system defenses.


Selenium is a trace element that contributes to the reduction of antioxidant enzymes and detoxifying such as glutathione peroxides. Research has shown that selenium works well when combined with vitamin E, and increases its efficiency to give surprising results.


To increase your intake of selenium daily, just eat foods rich in selenium as: nuts (Brazil nuts are the richest source of selenium), eggs, fish, meat and cereals.


High levels of selenium can also be found in beans, in tuna, crab and lobster. If you do not have enough selenium in your diet then you can take supplements to reach the recommended daily intake. However, the organic forms of selenium are faster and more easily absorbed by the body.

How long to see results against acne?


Selenium to eradicate acne can take up to 3 months before the first visible effects on the skin.

How much selenium?


The recommended daily amount of selenium is 200 to 400 milligrams per day. Selenium can be harmful for acne if you exceed the indicated dosage. It can cause hair loss or cause depression, be vigilant.


Herbal acne treatment is a natural remedy for your acne

Herbal acne treatmentThe number of people choosing herbal acne treatment over traditional medicines is growing daily. There are many products acne treatment on the market these days, but only few of them fulfill the promise they made to their consumer and this is a main reason behind people switching to natural medication against acne based Herbs.

However, what happens is for the herbs being natural, they have much less side effects and are much less risky than prescription drugs. You too can opt for herbal cures acne instead of compromising your skin with harsh chemicals or hazardous drugs.

Whether or face acnes ,acne on the back, buttocks or body, herbs will help you get rid of them and even your skin will feel pampered.

Some of the best natural herbs to cure acne grow in your own backyard. Collect them and concoct your own homemade recipes for acne cure. Today, there are many herbal acne supplements available on the market that promise cures for acne success in both adolescents and adults.

Beneficial herbs for acne

It can be a daunting task to find the best herbal treatment for acne out of the plethora of herbal remedies for acne available. Cream of green tea and tea tree oil have already proved their effectiveness in the fight against acne. Other useful herbs are as follows:

1. Aloe Vera is actually a grass renovation of skin cells. It has the same qualities as vitamin E, which smoothes the skin.

2. Burdock root acts as an antibiotic to fight against acne bacteria and promotes skin softness.

3. Dandelion root has qualities of detoxification. This helps in the fight against acne bacteria efficiently.

4. Echinacea Purpurea causes the immune system causing white blood cells, which prevents bacteria from entering the cells. It is also anti-inflammatory.

5. Tea tree oil is an anti-bacterial agent, instead applying oil on pimples and zits broke can help eliminate bacteria and reduces inflammation yet.

6. Yellow dock widely accepted toning the skin keeps the normal size and shape of the skin-pores. This controls oil secretion and prevents blocking of the pores of the skin.

A homemade mixture of equal parts of the herbal extracts of sarsaparilla, yellow dock, burdock, and cleavers gives you a perfect herbal treatment for your acne, as these herbs are powerful blood and lymph cleansers. Take half a teaspoon of this mixture three times a day with a healthy diet will see your acne treated fairly quickly, if not instantaneously.

Herbal Supplements

Good natural supplements should contain balanced amounts of all essential herbs, Bergamot, burdock, chamomile, dandelion root, Lavender, Juniper and similar to the highest standards and quality. You can count on supplements marketed by companies that have a proven track record.

Your acne treatment needs to both internal and external, so try to choose a system that is a complete system, revolving around herbal masks, cleansers and creams in conjunction with an additional fine Herbal acne.

Discover How to Get rid of acne Scars


Get rid of acne scars can be very difficult if acne is not controlled in its early stages. However, there are several ways to get rid of acne scars naturally inexpensive and effective.


Lemon juice is an excellent home remedy for treating acne and can be taken orally or it can be applied topically to the affected areas. Drinking lemon juice helps to detoxify your liver and improve your immune system and improve both your general health will increase your natural defenses against acne. If you apply lemon juice topically to the affected areas, it will act as an antiseptic. Apply with a cotton swap or a clean cloth and do not hesitate to dilute the juice if you feel a burning sensation. If lemon juice is allowed to stay overnight, you will get a better result.


Mix lemon juice with orange zest. Grate the orange zest in the lemon juice with a mortar and pestle. Mix with baking soda to make a past and apply to lesions. In addition, some people have good results with application of lemon juice twice a day usually to their face.


Drink more water

Water nourishes the largest organ of your body is your skin. Burdock herb acts as astringent and removes excess oils that clog pores and cause skin breaks. Combine two cups of water with two cups of burdock root and then boiled. Then reduce the heat and let the mixture simmer for 10 minutes. Place a clean cloth in the mixture. Use the cloth as a compress to the affected areas. Leave on skin until it cools off. Soak a washcloth in the mixture again and repeat the process. Leave the compress on the skin for 15 minutes. Keep the mixture warm for best results. It may take a few weeks to use it at work



Nutmeg is another useful home remedy for pimples and acne. Rub nutmeg on a stone in raw milk. Apply this paste on the affected areas. Allow to dry. Then wash your face with warm water. You can apply this paste overnight and wash it in the morning.

Contraception and acne

Contraception and acneAcne is an extremely common disease that affects approximately 80 percent of adolescents. It heals most often between 18 and 20 years, but some continue into adulthood.

What is acne?

It is a disease of the pilosebaceous follicle, located at the root of each hair. The pilosebaceous unit consists of a hair follicle (the origin of the formation of the hair) and a sebaceous gland secretes an oily substance, sebum, which flows through the pore and plays a role in protection of our skin. For unknown reasons, some pores become clogged, causing an accumulation of sebum in the sebaceous follicles. The resulting expansion is reflected by the appearance of typical lesions of acne, blackheads called blackheads or whiteheads whether they are open or closed. Under the action of a bacterium that, blackheads are often the site of inflammation which leads to pimples “red”, more or less deep, with or without pus.

Can you have acne on the body?

No, fortunately. Areas of the body that are affected are those that are most rich in sebaceous glands (face, back, chest), but these regions are not necessarily affected and some acne affect only the face.

Should do blood tests or other tests?

No, it is not necessary. Acne is only a skin disease. Acne is not contagious.


How long will acne?

Acne occurs around puberty because the hormones that trigger puberty also have an effect on the sebaceous glands. Then it evolves by exacerbations and remissions which the trigger is capricious. Finally it heals spontaneously at a variable age, and it is impossible to predict an age of healing. This is evolution without treatment, but currently there are drugs that kill or inhibit outbreaks and stop the frequent recurrences.In general, acne treatment takes about three months to resolve, an improvement can be seen within the first month. Maintenance treatment is necessary until healing is complete.

Contraception and acne

If the woman wishes acne contraception, contraceptive choice is essential. Indeed some pills may induce or aggravate acne while others can improve it. There are now contraceptives for acne patient.

Simple Tips to Cure Your Acne naturally

zenmed-before-and-afterA beautiful face and clear skin is all that thirst for everyone. But acne is a common problem among teenagers. Acne not only diminishes self-esteem, but can also lead to permanent scarring. They feel very uncomfortable with acne and scars caused due to them. This makes them much lower stress and causing delays in their studies. There is nothing they would stop doing this to get rid of acne. They spend hundreds of dollars by using various beauty tips and application loads creams.

Let’s Get Into the cause of acne. Acne is nothing but a common inflammatory skin disease during adolescence. This acne can be seen in both sexes usually on the face, chest, back and upper arms. It occurs when the pores become clogged with oil, dead cells of the skin and / or bacteria.

Here are some easy points, you can start doing today to help you treat your acne naturally. Some changes in your diet to create the biggest difference and distract you from acne:

  •     Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  •     Include lots of leafy vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Their high fiber content allows the constipation, which may lead to acne.
  •     Eat foods rich in B-carotene as carrots, pumpkins and colorful vegetables and fruits because they are rich in antioxidants that flush out toxins from the body.
  •     Increase intake of sea fish, except shellfish (halibut, salmon, tuna, sardines) as they contain omega-3 oils, which are useful to nourish the skin.
  •     Reduce the consumption of sugar, sweets and processed foods. Recent research suggests that eating refined carbohydrates and sugar tends to increase the level of insulin in the body.
  •     Reduce the consumption of milk and dairy products such as milk contains high amount of hormones that lead to the stimulation of the sebaceous glands.
  •     Avoid drinks that contain caffeine such as tea, coffee, cola, etc.

Here are some tips to avoid acne natural:

  •     Wash your face at least twice a day.
  •     Pound orange peel with water on a piece of stone. Apply the paste for 10-15 minutes and wash.
  •     And lemon juice or curd was applied consistently proven to be very beneficial.
  •     Apply the paste of fenugreek leaves fresh on the face every night for 10-15 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.
  •     Crush some garlic cloves and dab on the face 1-2 times a day.

Fit and fine body is still far from skin infections. Daily exercise of any form can be extremely beneficial for the overall health of the skin and can also help get rid of acne and scars. It improves blood circulation and reduces stress, which is known to cause acne. Apart from lower self-esteem, acne also leads to permanent scarring, so heal naturally.

Treatment against acne scars

Once the anti-acne treatment is completed, the skin is sometimes marked unsightly scars that do not fade, especially if acne was severe.

These scars are caused by the disease, type of skin or too frequent handling buttons.

There are many types of acne scars: scars embossed recent scars inflammatory and red sunken scars .

Treatment against acne scars

Scar treatment can be done once the acne healed, when there is more inflammation. The dermatologist will take place as follows:

  •     Scar or gently sloping hollow: they can be filled by acid collagen,
  •     Acne scar relief: they can be excised by microsurgery or scalpel, or smoothed by smoothing techniques of the skin.

It can also apply nitrogen. In this case it will take several sessions with your dermatologist.

Treatment of skin resurfacing

Resurfacing techniques practiced by some dermatologists are intended to regulate the skin’s surface.

These techniques are relatively effective, but can cause redness persist for several weeks.

The laser technique, performed under local or general anesthesia, is to abrade the skin using a laser (thermal effect), and then retracting the superficial dermis to tighten the skin. At the time, the patient feels small burns.

Although these techniques are effective, they do not restore perfect skin. It often takes several combine several techniques and interventions for optimal results.