Acne treatment is a universal need

Acne vulgaris is a common skin disease. It is known as acne. This disease usually affects the backcourt, face or chest. Adolescents are the common victims of acne. Many people today suffer from this problem and the treatment of acne is a global need.


Reasons for acne


In teenage hormones in our body produce more cells and skin oil that can block the pores of our skin. Bacteria can thrive in these blocked pores, and consequently, inflammation and blemishes occur. Stress and hormonal changes are the main causes of acne. Mixtures of sebum with dead skin cells and make buttons. Bacteria in the pores are red and swollen bud.


Symptoms of acne


We can identify the acne on the skin with the presence of numerous symptoms such as yellow spots, whiteheads, oily skin, deep inflamed lesions, scars blackheads etc..


Treatment of acne


Bud is a common problem faced by adolescents. If the buttons sometimes appear, no treatment is necessary. You should wash your face regularly to remove the mark up and cosmetics. Even though acne marks cannot be removed, you can try the treatment. The treatment is good to limit bacterial growth inhibition of sebum production and prevent the formation of spores.


Many acne treatments have side effects. Therefore, you must be very careful before you start treatment. There are different types of treatments, depending on the nature of the skin.Read more about : Essential oils anti-acne