Adults: Fight against your acne

Since we’re talking about acne, we immediately head the image of the pimply schoolboy going through puberty. But acne is far from being the exclusive teens: imagine that 25% of adults are affected by this disease, whether benign or worse. Women are the most affected, including 20-30 years but acne can also develop menopause. Men-spared-back is the favorite playground of the buttons while for the female acne develops primarily on their beautiful faces.

Imperfections of the skin can make us uncomfortable because we all want to constantly look at our best. However, to cut the world until the acne disappears is not the right solution. In this article I will deliver tips easy to put into practice to conceal pimples and blemishes. But you will also find all the keys to finally conquer acne. So get ready to shine!


When a button is encrusted it is never the right time. So your first instinct is to call up to the rescue. Good idea, but do you know the tricks to conceal acne while keeping your complexion usual?

However, beware of makeup. By trying to hide acne, you may get the opposite effect. Because excess makeup irritates your skin, clog pores and therefore increases the imperfections.

Good habits to adopt

To take care of sensitive skin, 4 good habits are known: cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate and heal. Incorporate them into your daily life is the best way to fight against acne.

Mature skin and wash your face every night eliminates impurities accumulated during the day. Preferably choose a mild soap containing less fragrance possible, hypoallergenic.
Hydrate yourself! Please have a cream for oily skin and drink plenty of water. And yes, the power has a role to play in the fight against acne. Although dieticians refuse to formally confirm that chocolate and sausages are “sprouting” the skin, they all agree that eating healthy and balanced can you do as well.
NB: zinc and omega 3 however often return to their effects would be beneficial.

Soft scrubs made regularly will prevent the accumulation of dead skin. But beware, not more than twice per week or else the irritation. And if you really want to make it big, give your skin a moisturizing mask after each scrub.

Appropriate care  for acne

Are differentiated treatment of  adult acne, which is less severe. Teens we reserve products to Benzoyl Peroxide, antibiotics and treatments with isotretinoin (Roaccutane style).

Attention-based treatments of antibiotics are two separate things. Roaccutane can have many consequences including dry skin. Some say it would affect the psychology of the treaties. However, dermatologists recommend the most prudent approach to these accusations.

Late to eliminate acne, many solutions exist, sometimes original and more or less restrictive. So how you think outside the box? There are shortcuts that can, depending on the circumstances involved; help get rid of your pimples quickly. You have nothing to lose, everything to gain!

Adequate contraception. Acne is often linked to a hormonal imbalance; changing contraceptive pill can help heal your skin. Your doctor will inform you and advise you about this.
Treatment in vogue phototherapy. The virtues of light would indeed positive results in the removal of mild acne. Nothing easier, set a program to follow: two 20-minute sessions per week for example. These sessions take place in a dermatologist’s office where you will be exposed to a blue light which benefits the skin are proven. Painless and minimally restrictive, phototherapy is more and more happy despite a price of about 50 € per session.

Some tips

Take the reflex does not touch your pimples. Although their view seems untenable you, remember that the “grind” will result in a production of sebum and further irritation. Go! Just a little effort of self-control, you are able.
Away with acne is a battle so we can get the winner if you put a bit of willpower. Eradicate the buttons can even take less time than one might think. You know the way (and shortcuts) to take to get there, then go!