You suffer from acne?

images (3)This is simply one of the most difficult trials of adolescence; have skin covered with unsightly marks. She has led countless people suffering from depression itself, misery and despair.

It gets worse, because there are three notable things about acne vulgaris, is known as inflammation, which make many people Bane of the world:

1. It affects all ages from adolescence to the last part of our lives.
2. It affects all body parts face, neck, back, arms, etc..
3. Nobody really knows the cause. We know it affects the sebaceous glands that hold the hair follicles, but we’re not exactly sure why the unsightly papules are formed.

Moreover, untreated acne can turn into cysts and cause scarring. Complications abound and treatments vary cosmetic laser treatments costing thousands of dollars.

These treatments are really necessary? There are some natural steps that the smart person can take to alleviate symptoms and even lead a life free from acne.

Are you interested? Read all will be revealed.


Vitamins A and E

A study of leadership in clinical experimental evidence that patients with severe acne tend to have lower levels of vitamins A and E in their blood streams. For the vitamin to make sure you eat a lot of fish, liver, carrots, eggs and dark green vegetables & yellow. For vitamin E try to eat spinach, sprouts and nuts. You can also consider taking supplements to ensure that your chances of pushing acne are maximized. It is also believed that the zinc, which is known for its immune and anti inflammatory properties, is effective in the fight against acne. Zinc is also thought to help regulate oil glands and sebum, which plays an important role in the formation of this skin condition. Zinc is found in beef, lamb, pork, Turkey, chicken, lobster, clams and salmon. For vegetarians, pumpkin seeds offer one of the non-meat sources of zinc concentrate more, but it is also found in peanuts, beans, whole grains, brown rice and potatoes.

Sugary foods

Recent studies seem to favor a hypothesis that food and drink with high refined sugar has a role to play in the formation of acne. Foods such as chocolate, candy and soft drinks produce blood glucose, which turn causes high levels of insulin which has been found to cause (among other things), increased acne. Cut out refined sugars also reduce the risk of diabetes, tooth decay and weight gain, so any discussion is good advice to follow.


A number of recent studies published by the American Academy of Dermatology showed a link between acne and cows milk and its derivatives, such as yogurt and cheese. It is not clear whether this is due to artificial growth hormones fed to cows or natural non-human milk intolerance. If you suffer from acne try cutting down on your knowledge of milk consumption suggest that you see an improvement in your acne.

Living with acne is no walk in the park, and the emotional as well as physical state are well recognized. Heed the advice in this article, however, and your chances of getting rid of  acne and this condition will be maximized.