Discover How to Get rid of acne Scars


Get rid of acne scars can be very difficult if acne is not controlled in its early stages. However, there are several ways to get rid of acne scars naturally inexpensive and effective.


Lemon juice is an excellent home remedy for treating acne and can be taken orally or it can be applied topically to the affected areas. Drinking lemon juice helps to detoxify your liver and improve your immune system and improve both your general health will increase your natural defenses against acne. If you apply lemon juice topically to the affected areas, it will act as an antiseptic. Apply with a cotton swap or a clean cloth and do not hesitate to dilute the juice if you feel a burning sensation. If lemon juice is allowed to stay overnight, you will get a better result.


Mix lemon juice with orange zest. Grate the orange zest in the lemon juice with a mortar and pestle. Mix with baking soda to make a past and apply to lesions. In addition, some people have good results with application of lemon juice twice a day usually to their face.


Drink more water

Water nourishes the largest organ of your body is your skin. Burdock herb acts as astringent and removes excess oils that clog pores and cause skin breaks. Combine two cups of water with two cups of burdock root and then boiled. Then reduce the heat and let the mixture simmer for 10 minutes. Place a clean cloth in the mixture. Use the cloth as a compress to the affected areas. Leave on skin until it cools off. Soak a washcloth in the mixture again and repeat the process. Leave the compress on the skin for 15 minutes. Keep the mixture warm for best results. It may take a few weeks to use it at work



Nutmeg is another useful home remedy for pimples and acne. Rub nutmeg on a stone in raw milk. Apply this paste on the affected areas. Allow to dry. Then wash your face with warm water. You can apply this paste overnight and wash it in the morning.