Contraception and acne

Contraception and acneAcne is an extremely common disease that affects approximately 80 percent of adolescents. It heals most often between 18 and 20 years, but some continue into adulthood.

What is acne?

It is a disease of the pilosebaceous follicle, located at the root of each hair. The pilosebaceous unit consists of a hair follicle (the origin of the formation of the hair) and a sebaceous gland secretes an oily substance, sebum, which flows through the pore and plays a role in protection of our skin. For unknown reasons, some pores become clogged, causing an accumulation of sebum in the sebaceous follicles. The resulting expansion is reflected by the appearance of typical lesions of acne, blackheads called blackheads or whiteheads whether they are open or closed. Under the action of a bacterium that, blackheads are often the site of inflammation which leads to pimples “red”, more or less deep, with or without pus.

Can you have acne on the body?

No, fortunately. Areas of the body that are affected are those that are most rich in sebaceous glands (face, back, chest), but these regions are not necessarily affected and some acne affect only the face.

Should do blood tests or other tests?

No, it is not necessary. Acne is only a skin disease. Acne is not contagious.


How long will acne?

Acne occurs around puberty because the hormones that trigger puberty also have an effect on the sebaceous glands. Then it evolves by exacerbations and remissions which the trigger is capricious. Finally it heals spontaneously at a variable age, and it is impossible to predict an age of healing. This is evolution without treatment, but currently there are drugs that kill or inhibit outbreaks and stop the frequent recurrences.In general, acne treatment takes about three months to resolve, an improvement can be seen within the first month. Maintenance treatment is necessary until healing is complete.

Contraception and acne

If the woman wishes acne contraception, contraceptive choice is essential. Indeed some pills may induce or aggravate acne while others can improve it. There are now contraceptives for acne patient.