Treatment against acne scars

Once the anti-acne treatment is completed, the skin is sometimes marked unsightly scars that do not fade, especially if acne was severe.

These scars are caused by the disease, type of skin or too frequent handling buttons.

There are many types of acne scars: scars embossed recent scars inflammatory and red sunken scars .

Treatment against acne scars

Scar treatment can be done once the acne healed, when there is more inflammation. The dermatologist will take place as follows:

  •     Scar or gently sloping hollow: they can be filled by acid collagen,
  •     Acne scar relief: they can be excised by microsurgery or scalpel, or smoothed by smoothing techniques of the skin.

It can also apply nitrogen. In this case it will take several sessions with your dermatologist.

Treatment of skin resurfacing

Resurfacing techniques practiced by some dermatologists are intended to regulate the skin’s surface.

These techniques are relatively effective, but can cause redness persist for several weeks.

The laser technique, performed under local or general anesthesia, is to abrade the skin using a laser (thermal effect), and then retracting the superficial dermis to tighten the skin. At the time, the patient feels small burns.

Although these techniques are effective, they do not restore perfect skin. It often takes several combine several techniques and interventions for optimal results.